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Electronic catalogues

EK "Books", created in 1999.
Contains bibliographic descriptions of books since 1985 and the current new receipts.
As of January 1st, this catalogue includes 74 682 bibliographic descriptions.
The electronic catalogue was created by the program RABIS (The Library Information System in Kazakhstan) developed by National Library Republic of Kazakhstan.

EK "Articles", created in 2000.

Contains the bibliographic description of articles from the Kazakhstan and Russian periodical editions.
As of January 1st, 2008 this catalogue includes 70 740 bibliographic descriptions.
The electronic card file of articles was created by the program RABIS

EK "Periodical press", created in 2003.

Contains data on library periodicals, contemporary records and new subscription. As of January 1st, 2008, this catalogue includes 409 bibliographic descriptions.

EK "Rare books", created in 2002.

This catalogue contains 1644 bibliographic descriptions.

EK "Professional", created in 2004.

This catalogue includes bibliographic records on books and brochures continuing the editions. Also, articles from the Kazakhstan and Russian professional editions, an analytical description of collections, resources from the Internet, and electronic resources. As of January 1st, 2008, this catalogue contains 3004 bibliographic descriptions.

Own databases

Database "Regional specialist", created in 2000.

This database contains bibliographic descriptions of books, articles from periodicals, booklets, maps, guidebooks, and analytical descriptions of books on the study of local lore characters. As of January 1st, 2008 this catalogue includes 33.032 bibliographic descriptions. Since 2003, numbering of the most valuable study of local lore editions was started.
The electronic Database "Regional specialist" was created in the program RABIS (Library Information System in Kazakhstan).

Electronic library "Saryarka", created in 2002.

As of January 1st, 2008 this database contains 2512 text-through documents.

The got Databases

Database "Legislation RK"

Contains normative and legal certificates of the Republic of Kazakhstan on all sections of the legislation. It was created by the Republican Center of the Legal Information at Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The database was formed in Kazakh and Russian languages from official sources such as The Parliament of Republic Kazakhstan and The Device of the President and Office of the Prime-minister of Republic Kazakhstan. Information is updated daily.
There is no charge to use this database when accessing from an information-bibliographic department.

Union of Rights "Database Lawyer"

The legal assistance system "Lawyer" is the systematized and operatively updated databank under the legislation of Kazakhstan. The system enables a user to not only receive texts of normative legal certificates, but it also contains explanations and comments, projects of documents, specifications and technical documentation, addresses and phones of state bodies, forms of documents, etc.
There is no charge to use this database when accessing from an information-bibliographic department.

The removed databases

Databases "EBSCO"

The project "The Electronic Information for Libraries" (EIFL Direct) and databases EBSCO Publishing, allows access to the world's largest databases of foreign periodicals, in т. ч to more than 4000 text-through scientific magazines in original languages. In On-line mode scientific academic databases in the field of humanities, Academic Search Elite, and Business Source Premier are accessible, as well as, databases of popular periodicals on general orientation: MasterFile Premier, Newspaper Source; the medical database "Medline" with full texts. Each of these databases possess systems for information searches based on key words.
Access is to paid in the Department of International Text or in the Internet hall.

"Rubricon" - http://www.rubricon.com

Full electronic access to more than 50 encyclopedias and dictionaries in an Internet network.

Russian state library (RSL) - http://www.rsl.ru

Since January 1998, the Electronic catalogue RSL has contained more than 113 thousand books. Also catalogues of author's abstracts on dissertations, specialized texts, literature, and maps. This database also provides the opportunity to receive the full-text version of a dissertation on any theme through electronic delivery of the document.

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