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Programs and projects

The international programs and projects

American Resource Center

Since 2006 the library participates in the US State department program "the American Centers and Corners". The American Corner began the activity in November, 2005. It officially opened in March, 2006.

The purpose – The American Resource Center aids in the realization of the Government’s program to develop the education in the Republic of Kazakhstan between 2005-2010, organizing and spreading literature to aid the study of the English language and in the popularization of the literature devoted to culture and art of the U.S.

Results: The library’s collection of materials in professional areas, and for teachers of English for schools in the city aids in increase of the communities professional level. Easy access to reference books, electronic databases, and Internet resources is provided in the Library. Two language groups, "YES" and "Women’s English Club" are held in the Corner as well. There are also video resources available in the Corner as well, ranging from popular movies donated by local Peace Corps Volunteers and educational videos from the U.S. Embassy. Round table discussion groups are held weekly, hosted by the Corner and PCVs.  Roughly 20 people attend each of the clubs every week.  Topics included in the discussions are often addressing social issues, addressing issues of tolerance, education and development in Kazakhstan, and more.  The library also takes part in professional and educational exchange programs administered by the American Council (ACTR/ACCELS). The American Council for scientific research and exchange (IREX) and the U.S. Embassy Department of Culture in Kazakhstan also aid the American Corner by providing materials and trainings desired in the community. There has been an increase in the number of visits and presentations over the past several years. With the assistance of the U.S. Embassy, there have been more than 12 presentations and trainings organized and presented within the reported year.

The French reference room

The French reference room was opened with the support of the French Embassy in Kazakhstan in February 2002. The room works in the library program, "France:Pays, Peuple, Traditions" (France: The Country, People, and Traditions) supported by the French Alliance of Astana, and the Association of Teachers of the French Language.

The purpose: The French room aids in the realization of the Government’s program to develop the education in the Republic of Kazakhstan between 2005-2010, organizing and spreading literature to aid the study of the French language and popularization of literature devoted to the culture and art of France.

Results: Funding for the French reading room comes from the support of the French Embassy, the Canadian Embassy, and the Consulate of Switzerland. Resources include books, periodicals, electronic editions, films. Periodicals regularly arrive from France, including "Express” and "Le Monde". French language courses are also provided in the room. In the past years there have been several events sponsored by the French Room including: Poetry Nights, meetings with French and Swiss writers, holiday readings, Days of French speaking countries , and more. Training courses are also provided in the room to prepare participants for the DELF and TCF examinations. There have been six French students to receive grants "Bolashak" program grants, and have gone to study in French universities.
Among the interesting projects that have been carried out by the French Embassy, include the translation of Antoine de Saint Exupéry's fairy tale, “Le Petit Prince” (The Small Prince), into the Kazakh language; a string quartet concert by the group “Danel” and accompanied by the pianist J. Aubakirova; and a dictation competition called "Open Yourself to France". The competition winner, G.Voloshin, a graduate of the №97 Karaganda grammar school, won the main prize of a 14 day trip to France.

"The electronic information for libraries" - EIFL Direct

Regional research library named after N.V. Gogol has connected to the EIFL on-line program since January 2008.

The purpose: The program gives access to library users to numerous texts through scientific databases in English, such as the Academic Search Full Text International, MAS Full TEXT Premier, and Business Source Elite.

Interlibrary programs and projects

The Kazakhstan Center of Corporate Cataloguing

The library has participated in the KCCC project since May 2002. Purpose: The project created the Summary Electronic Databank of Kazakhstan (SEDK). The library has taken an active part in the discussion of the basic regulating documents, was part of the council for corporate cataloguing. Through posts on the National Library RK site, library visitors can receive information on the National Library RK Fund, and can access KCCC, which contains materials on the study of local lore. Currently in SEDK there are about 15,000 bibliographic records of regional studies.

The distributed list of articles

At the Republican conference, " Creation and Integration of Information Resources on the RАBIС Platform” (July 2006), the library became the initiator of the project to distribute the list of articles among regional libraries of Kazakhstan.

The purpose: The project aided in the creation of the distributed catalogue, the elimination of the duplication of bibliographic materials, the economy of working hours, the improvement of quality of bibliographic records, and the development of uniform methodical decisions on creation of the electronic catalogue “Articles”.

Results: Project participants included libraries in Karaganda, Pavlodar, North Kazakhstan and West Kazakhstan regional libraries. Issues concerning the compatibility of Databases on import-export of bibliographic records were addressed. Documents including: the Contract on Interaction, the Technology of Interaction and the Working Plan on Project Realization were created. Each library can make edits at their discretion, and can select and import the sent records to the catalogue, allowing the numbers of resources to differ according to the libraries needs. In 2007 there were 1,223 bibliographic records sent, from these, editions are then selected and imported into the libraries’ EK – 849 bibliographic records . From there, files are exported – 415 БЗ, including political magazines and journals: "Sayasat", "Thought", and "The Eurasian Community".

Intralibrary Programs and Projects

  • The Library Development Program, 2005-2008.
  • The Library Acquisition Program, 2007-2009.
  • The Library Automation Program, 2008-2010.
  • The State Language Development and Support Program, 2006-2008.
  • Regional library as regional memory: Library’s Local Lore Documentation Program, 2007-2009.
  • The Libraries Protection of Regional and Karaganda Documents and Regional Studies Program, 2007-2010

Library Projects

Laboratory of Preservation and Cataloguing of Documentary Heritage

The project was included into the regional program "Cultural Heritage of the Karaganda Area" for 2005-2008.

The purpose – The project insures the preservation of stories and other local and regional documents for easy access to library visitors through digital and internet-based methods.

Results: The specifications for project were created, including gaining the needed computer equipment, two scanners, furniture, and needed software. During the project realization in 2007, 3,784 documents, including 7,746 pages, were digitized. Additionally, 16 rare books on the study of local lore were digitized. Within the project, a database, "Karaganda: People, Events, Facts" was created. Within the digitized materials, regional studies from local periodicals are preserved. The database is also supplemented with text-through materials from the Internet. Access to the Regional Studies Database is accessible to readers not only within the library, but also through the Karaganda regional research library named after N.V.Gogol site on the World Wide Web, within the "Saryarka" section. Materials are presented in both Kazakh and Russian, including the bibliographic indexes and lists, the memorials calendar, of Karaganda memorials on the area, and valuable books and stories of Karaganda. On CDs are, "My Favorite City – Karaganda," and "Indexes of Regional Studies on CD.”

The Centre of Legal Information

The purpose – The project aided in the creation of access to materials on citizen’s constitutional law, helping increase the legal culture and legal knowledge of the population.

Results: The electronic resource, CLI, with databases, "Law," “The Union of Right Forces," “The Lawyer - the Expert,” receives daily updates. The e-resource also includes the Digital Library of the Commission of Human Rights at President RК Information Retrieval System, the “The Legislation of Russia", Information Retrieval System, “The Official database of Periodicals of Legal Information," and the database, “The Code of laws of the Russian Federation." The resources are available to the public for free legal consultations through an agreement with the Bolashak Institute. Within a year it has given more than 35 legal consultations, and through CLI has addressed 41 persons. The number of visitors has increased within the past year. The library has contributed to the Regional legal educational program from 2005-2006.

"Study of local lore without borders"

The purpose – The project coordinated and cooperated with the activities of the regional libraries network on the creation of information resources on regional studies, and the creation of, "The Literature on the Karaganda Area," database.

Results: Instructive documents on the project creation were developed including a summary catalogue; "The Literature on the Karaganda Area"; the management on import and export of bibliographic records to an automated workplace "Cataloguer.” Territorial divisions on the Karaganda area; Principles of selection of a material for reflection in an electronic database; and the Contract on a list of articles of regional character between Regional library both city and regional library network. Trainings on the technological tools of the import and export of information were conducted. Consultations with bibliographers to work on the project were organized. Studies were conducted on the lessons provided at schools for professional skills required for bibliographers in the, "Practical Realization of the Project" document. Within a year an exchange of bibliographic records with regional library network has been made. In EC "Regional specialist," 254 records have been imported, in turn the library exported 2,056 records.

Poetic club "Zhyr- Zhauhar"

The purpose – The project strives to attract youth to reading Kazakh poetry, to familiarize readers with the best samples of the Kazakh fiction, and support the poetic creativity of young poets.

Results: There are 15 readers active in the club, including students of Bolashk Institute, Art College named after Таttimbet, KarSU named after and E.A. Buketov and Humanitarian College. There were nine sessions of club where 350 people were present. The quantity literature in the Kazakh language, especially fiction has increased. Active workers of the club took part in all literary actions of the library and in actions to carry out "One Country – One Book.” The booklet of the poetic club "Zhyr-Zhauhar" has been prepared. Two releases of the club’s members have been produced in almanac “Zhas Qualamger”.

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