named after N.V.Gogol


Amanzholova Dina Bazarbaevna, Director

Mrs. Amanzholova was born on June 07, 1976 in Osakarovka settlement of Karaganda region. In 1994 she has graduated from Karaganda college of culture having a librarianship speciality of. In 2006 Mrs. Amanzholova graduated from Kazakhstani Financial Economic University on speciality Psychology.

Since 1994 has been working as librarian, senior librarian, head of Lending Department and in 2011 she became a Director of Gogol library. Mrs. Amanzholova was given a diploma of Department of Culture of Karaganda Region

Phone: 8(7212) 567655

Valentina Iossifovna Pak, Assistant director

Mrs. Pak was born on May 11,1951 in Karaganda region. In 1972 she has graduated from the Chelyabinsk State Institute of Culture having a Diploma of librarian-bibliographer. During 1972-1977 Mrs. Pak was a head of the Acquisition department in a Centralized Trade-union library system of Barnaul city. Since 1977 has been working in Karaganda Regional research library named after N. V. Gogol. She had a position of a senior librarian, then head of Department . In 2000 Mrs. Pak became an Assistant director .

Publication:Publications in the professional periodicals, collected research articles upon bibliography and library science, in regional newspapers.

Participation in the national, international organizations, actions: The international conference " Crimea-2005", "Crimea-2010" the International conference "Issyk-Kul-2003", 9-th International research conference “SCIENCE ONLINE” (Tunisia, 2007)

The state awards and honorary titles: Honorary Diplomas from Ministry of culture and information Republic of Kazakhstan, Akim (Head)of Karaganda region, Department of Culture of Karaganda region.

Пак Валентина Иосифовна

Phone: 8(7212) 56-72-76

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