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Resources of regional studies

Funds and collections

The fund of library of regional studies includes books on all branches of knowledge (1 670 copies on 1.01.08); thematic folders of newspaper cuttings; regional and regional newspapers, replication editions of the industrial enterprises (35 names), author's abstracts of dissertations, cards, booklets, guidebooks, x-copies valuable the edition etc.

Collection "the Book with the autograph"(200 copies):

Are presented books of known Kazakh writers - S.Murtazaeva, S.Muratbekova, A.Kekilbaeva, F.Ungarsynovoj, S.Kirabaeva, K.Kajsenova and others, and also the book with autographs of local poets and writers - M.Zueva-Ordyntsa, J.Popova, Z.Bekturova, M.Balykina, D.Shaimuhanova, E.Kuznetsovoi, A.Seidimbekova, S.Aksunkaruly, Z.Kashkynova, M.Azbanbaeva, S.Ljambekova and others

Catalogues and card files

The electronic database "Regional specialist" (it is created since January, 2000) contains on 1.01.08 33 032 records (on Kazakh and Russian language). A card file of regional studies in the card form "Karaganda area" (1958-1999.) contains 54 thousand bibliographic records of books, newspaper and journal articles about region.

The card file "Significant and memorials on the Karaganda area"

contains dates of the basic events of region since XVIII century

Numbering and safety of documents
Creation of a text-through DB "Karaganda: people, events, the facts" the Department of study of local lore works over creation, filling, and editing of a text-through database "Karaganda: people, events, the facts". In it the digitized materials of regional studies from local periodicals as they are the basic source of the information of regional studies are presented.
DB electronic resources of remote access with a text-through binding are brought in EC "Regional specialist" in level "a periodical Component". Access to an electronic resource of regional studies is accessible to readers not only within the precincts of library, but also through web-site " The Karaganda regional research library, named after N.V.Gogol".
The basis of this text-through DB is made by the most often asked books which are available in fund of department of study of local lore in the single copy which purpose first of all is safety, and also maintenance of readers the with the most valuable and unique of regional studies library editions. For today by department of study of local lore it is digitized more than 2500 documents in a format word, html, PDF.

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