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Amanzholova Dina Bazarbaevna

Ph.: +7(7212)567655

Reader Registration Area

Here you can:

  • Join a public library
  • Obtain instructions for library use
  • Department Services and Information.

Phone: +7(7212)567464


Informational and Bibliographic department

Is operative and provides informative responses to any inquiry.

What does our department contain?

  • Books: encyclopedias, dictionaries, directories, bibliographic indexes
  • Thematic folders on actual issues
  • Laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Text-through legal DATABASE "Lawyer", "Legislation RK" (available in 2 languages)
  • Electronic file of articles (since 2000)
  • Regular card file of articles in card form (up to 1999)


  • Support for information searches in printed or electronic sources.
  • Access to EC
  • Information on document locations within library
  • Lists of course works, degree works, and dissertations based on bibliography and theme.
  • Bibliographic Editions on Scientific Research
  • Periodical Information on Russia and Kazakhstan
  • Files of documents on actual problems
  • Information and Inquiries

Manager: Kasybaeva Agul Urazgalieva


Hall of Catalogues

The developed system of card filing and catalogues allows for an accessible structure of the contents of the library’s funds, and provides correct information to the inquiries of users. 9 computers are operating for patrons to utilize.

Services for readers:

  • The Alphabetic Catalogue (in the card form)
  • The Regular Catalogue (in the card form)
  • The Electronic Catalogue (since 1999г.)
  • Electronic Card File of Articles (since 2000г.)
  • Electronic DATABASE "Regional specialist"
  • Electronic DATABASE "Ecology"
  • The Electronic Catalogue "Periodical press"
  • Card file of the periodicals received by library
  • The catalogue of author's abstracts of dissertations


The Subscription

The Subscription is the most popular and fast-paced department in the library. Here there is a free exchange of editions on all branches of knowledge, including: directories, textbooks, world fiction, classic and contemporary literature, fantasy, and mystery.
In the "Literary Drawing Room", there awaits a reader: writers, journalists, novelties of literature, and discussions on multiple book series and literary themes.
Readers are rendered with paid services.

Manager: Pisareva Svetlana Vladimirovna
Ph.: +7(7212)493375


Reading Room

This department has unique contents and a structured collection: dictionaries, encyclopedias, author's abstracts of dissertations of scientists of Kazakhstan, textbooks and manuals, monographies, and also, the classic art literature. This department services patrons with the richest collection in Kazakhstan (more than 10 thousand units of storage). For expansion of sphere of service of readers paid services are entered. Here, thematic presentations are organized as well book exhibitions and viewings of literature.

Manager: Hairova Raisa Alimzhanovna


Sector of Periodicals

In the Sector of Periodicals, one may get acquainted with various newspaper and journal materials. Here Kazakhstan and Russian periodicals on economy, politics and law are widely circulated, as well as topics of history, literary criticism, linguistics, natural sciences, and pedagogies. Today it provides readers with 521 newspapers and magazines.

The Sector of Periodicals also organizes exhibitions, including retrospective shows and presentations of new periodicals.

Manager: Sulejmenova Zhanna Magavjinovna


Department of the Study of Local Lore and Literature

The Department of the Study of Local Lore and Literature notes the importance of activities that promote the revival of the cultural heritage of a territory. The primary focus is on history of local territories, ecology and toponymics, culture and literary criticism. Since 2000, the electronic database "Regional Specialist" has operated.
At department club "Regional specialist" and Laboratory of preservation and numbering of a documentary heritage work.

Manager: Telpekbayeva Sandugash Orynbaevna


Department of the international book

In modern society, knowledge of foreign language has reached a new level of esteem. The Department of International Texts offers a variety of language training materials in book and audio/video format. Also within this department, the English and French Language Resource Centers of the Association for Teachers are located. Detailed regional and geographic seminars are consistently organized, utilizing the involvement of native speaking persons to attract participants. Teachers also take part in work related training seminars from the USA entitled "Volunteers of the Case of the World. Patrons also have the use of a collection of many European languages.
Within this department, the club "Viva Lingua" operates, as well as educational support of the English language.
With assistance from the French Embassy in Kazakhstan, the French reading room was developed, and promotes the functioning of the club.
Since January 2002, the department has been developing an electronic catalogue of all it’s literature. Also, the American Resource Center was developed in 2006.

Manager: Bajmurzina Sholpan Sejtkalievna


Department of the Literature On Art

The creative credo of the department of art: "Traditions of classics - are modern". Working to form a universal fund of global literature on art, this department puts priority tasks on development and propagation of the literature on art culture in Kazakhstan.
The department’s collection includes rare editions of: "The History of Art of All Times and People" by Charles Vermand (1896), "The History of Art" by P.P. Gnedich, "The Kazakh National Ornament": sketches of artist E. Klodt (1939), "1000 Songs of Kazakh People" by A. Zataevich, and the first album from the series "Great Museums of the World" (this was received among a set of valuable editions from a megaproject of "Pushkin Library").
Using new technologies in all aspects of activity, the department of art has begun the creation of a multi-faceted database on the issues of culture and is developing a media library entitled "National Art Culture of Kazakhstan".

Manager: Karpunina Lyudmila Sergeevna


Department Book-Stack

In this department there are over 300,000 copies of the library’s collection. The book makes up more than 200,000 of these copies, while around 100,000 copies are composed of periodicals.
Among the collection of annual newspapers and magazines located here, the older are: the newspaper "Socialist Karaganda" from 1939, magazines "Bolshevik of Kazakhstan" from 1933, and "The National economy of Kazakhstan" 1928.
In this department, rare and valuable editions is emphasized.

Manager: Abdualieva Alma Abdualievna


Department of Acquisition and Processing of the Literature

The primary goals of this department are: the definition of the strategy of acquisition, revealing the source of acquisition, qualitative updating of the collection of the library by printed edition and by electronic database, processing of editions, and creation EK of book collection.
This department creates the CD catalogue.

Manager: Golovko Svetlana Ivanovna
Phone: +7(7212)568862


Department for the Development of Libraries

The Department for the Development of Libraries carries out the role of methodical, organizational, training and coordination center for 300 state libraries which are incorporated within 18 library net.
The main task of this department is the formation of regional library policy assistance for the preservation and development of libraries in area.

Primary tasks of this department are:

  • Development and strengthening of the network of libraries
  • Formation and updating of the collection of documents
  • Conducting local research
  • The choice and the organization of an optimum system of preparation and improvement of professional skills for the library staff
  • Introduction of new information technologies in System of library areas

In this department you can:

  • Receive consultation on how to make an annual strategic plan for a project or program
  • Receive trainings on organizing and conducting seminars.
  • Obtain various packets of information.
  • Take advantage of the collection of a department for the decision of all questions of the organization of work of libraries.
  • Receive personal consultations on the practical work of the library.

Manager: Timershina Faina Harisovna
Ph.: +7(7212)567755


Department of Automation

In 1997, N.V. Gogol created the Department of Automation. The main task of the Department of Automation is to define the strategy of automation and information processing of the regional library, technical support of information technologies.The automated library system RABIS developed by RK National Library, the local computer network is supported with 49 computers are involved in a network including 5 servers.

Manager: Boldysh Anastasiya


The Internet Sector

The Internet Sector provides to it’s patrons the use of 6 computers, each with a speed of 526 Mb/s. Not only is e-mail available, but also Internet based searches based on theme, computer services (scanning, a set and listing of the text) and many other things.

Manager: Voropayeva Tatiyana Vadimovna


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