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Funds and collections

As of January 1st, 2008 the library collection has 379445 copies, including:

  • In the Kazakh language 28 967 copies
  • In Russian 350 769 copies.
  • In German 6650 copies.
  • In English 5184 copies.
  • In French 1520 copies.
  • In the Arabian language 55 copies.
  • In the Polish language 523 copies.
  • In other languages 1854 copies.

In 2007, 7580 copies of new literature were received. Included in this were 2433 copies in the Kazakh language.

Today, the French Reading Room, developed through the support of the French Embassy in Kazakhstan, has over 4,000 copies. These copies include dictionaries, textbooks and manuals for studying the French language, books on the regional geography of France and Francophone countries, as well as fiction.
Since October of 2005, the American Resource Center has operated in the Department of International Text through the support of the United States Embassy in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Today, the Center’s collection numbers at 500 copies mostly focusing on social and legal structures in the US. In the collections there are excellent editions on art, both in traditional text, as well as in CD/DVD format.

The basic sources of acquisition:

  • the State budget
  • Books of the state order
  • Books in gift
  • the Obligatory complimentary copy

As of January 1st, 2008 the library periodicals collection has 23562copies, including:

In 2007 the subscription was 469 items(593 copies)
In the Kazakh language 137 items (192 copies)
Magazines: 360 items- 415 copies
In the Kazakh language 104 items – 147 copies
Newspapers : 109 items – 136 copies
In the Kazakh language 33 items – 46 copies
NEWSPAPERS ( new editions)
Edebiyet aidany
Ak bayan
MAGAZINES( new editions)
Zhuldyzdar otbasy


Complete sets of annual newspapers and magazines are available. From these, it is possible to allocate the newspaper " Socialist Karaganda " from 1939, magazines " Bolshevik of Kazakhstan " from 1933, and " the National Economy of Kazakhstan " from 1928, all of which are especially valuable.
The 1.5 thousand copies of rare and valuable editions of text provide a great source of pride to the Gogol Library. This literature is valuable on the decorating and polygraphic execution{performance}. Among these texts, there are editions from the late 18th century through the early 20th century, facsimile and tiny editions, Russian and foreign classic literature as well as books illustrated by well-known artists.
Among them: John Milton’s .”Lost and Returned Paradise", with illustrations of known French artist G. Dore (Saint Petersburg, 1895), volumes of the facsimile edition: "Kiev Psalmsbook 1397" (Moscow 1978), and "Оstromirov the Gospel" (Leningrad, 1988). Also, "Introduction To Geography” (1790),. “A set of books " All nature " in the 8-books, issued at the end of XIX century. I.Severjanin "Zlatolira" - M.Grif, 1914г.S.Esenin Transformation - M.Imazhenisty, 1921, etc. collections of his verses.

In the collection there are two unique editions made and painted by the German masters of the present

  • The Bible " Das Fest - Epistolar Friedrichs des Weisen”.
    This book contains some quotations from the bible for sermons of church holidays. Written on parchment and discovered in 1700 on German soil.
  • ”L'apocalypse Lorraine”.
    A reproduction of the ancient manuscript which is now stored at the Dresden Library in Germany.

Information on the study of local lore can be found in the editions " The Asian Russia " (Moscow, 1914г.), and " All Kazakhstan: The Help Book " (Alma-Ata, 1931г.)

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